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Contract Placement:

Consulting services have become a necessary part of everyday business to many organizations across the globe, the need to focus attention on specific areas of any technology based organization for both long and short term projects has become paramount to the success in effectively providing the best consulting technologists in the marketplace without it costing a small fortune. The Millenium Contract Placement solution approaches similarities to a research style project for hiring managers requiring additional assistance with their recruitment efforts.

We have found by utilizing this research-intensive approach we can quickly identify candidates from a variety of sources enabling a fast response in meeting the specification requirements.

We utilize an extensive network of research and use leading-edge information services and database resources for direct sourcing of world-class consultants. We're attuned to industry trends, those of your marketplace and of your competitors. Security of your business plans is imperative. Before presenting a candidate for you to review, we verify the candidate's track record and accomplishments in a timely manor so as not to interfere with your project timelines.

We will also handle negotiations, providing pre-screen and pre-qualification, assisting with the setting up of interviews, compensation and closing, putting ourselves in your shoes and representing your organization as though we were you.

Full-Time Placements:

The Millenium Full-Time Placement model is our most in-depth solution to your recruitment headaches. If you are looking for fast, successful, long-view hires, the kind of people who will set your company apart, people who will help you soar; this is the answer you need.

Our Full-Time Placement service is contingency search at it very finest, we work with start-ups to well established corporations in transforming companies and divisions, outlining innovators and market makers who create technology solutions. We connect people, ideas, communities, businesses and economies to any future company goals.

Although taking immediate direction from our clients and individual hiring managers, our full-time placement recruitment teams commit to learning and expanding our knowledge base to give leverage to our clients and their market sectors, so after developing a presentation with you we target your competition and the best candidates to fulfill your needs.

We have developed this process to be best suited for companies that want a high-quality, targeted search on any individual contributor opening/s both mid-level and senior. We will identify, pre-screen, pre-qualify appropriate candidates, present them to our clients, set up interviews, negotiate compensation and offer assistance in closing.

As industry veterans we are well aware of the pit-falls and boundaries surrounding loyalty, integrity and trust at this level of recruitment, each are key elements held high in our own culture here at Millenium.

This service is based upon a 20% fee of the candidate's first year annual compensation, it is purely results driven - No hire, No fee.

Millenium Software
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