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Few tips for a successful interview…

Most of the Technology jobs are confirmed over telephonic interviews. A positive and clear interview is the key factor for a successful interview and getting a job.

Few tips for a successful phone interview:
Start your conversation with a greeting like Hi Mr. David and how are you… if the interviewer asks you the same questions respond and thank him or her.
Once the formal greetings are done then the technical discussions will start.
Be a good listener and talk slowly (pace) and low voice (pitch).
Answer the queries once he or she finishes the conversation.
Be thorough of your Resume, Projects with dates and duration. Explain all your Technical skills in detail.
If you were informed of the interview in advance time review the requirement for which your Resume was submitted and get ready with the expected questions and the responses for them. May be you can speak out yourself before the Interview.
Have a cup of coffee or tea (that you prefer) half an hour before the Interview. Avoid Cell phones; give your home or land phone number for Client interviews.
Remember the good old fact of First impression is the best impression - so try to answer the first few questions well to the expectations.
Do not ask to repeat the questions too many times and do not argue with the interviewer.
Practice makes perfect - try to have yourself a mock interview and speak aloud. Avoid using words like basically, frankly speaking and so.
Before you take the interview get the clear details of the Client requirement and who is going to call. Review the Client details and their business.
Volunteer to give an answer and be clear and precise. Express your interest in taking the opportunity immediately.
If you have any queries limit your queries to two or three.
Thank the interviewer for taking to talk to you for a career opportunity
Face to Face Interview:
Professional Dress code
Go to the Client location at least 15 mts before
Take couple of copies of your Resume
Take a note pad
Off your cell phone
Do not chew gum
Sleep early and well before the interview day
Interview Dos:
Arrive on time or a few minutes early.
If presented with an application, fill it out neatly and completely. Don't attach your resume unless you're told to do so.
Greet the interviewer by last name if you are sure of the pronunciation. If not, ask the employer to repeat it.
Project energy and enthusiasm. Smile and shake hands firmly.
Wait until you're offered a chair before sitting. Sit upright, look alert and interested at all times. Listen carefully and respond.
Look the hiring manager in the eye while speaking.
Dress neatly for your interview. If you are applying for a professional position dress as you would for that position.
Interview Don'ts:
Don't answer with a simple "yes" or "no." Explain whenever possible.
If you don't understand a question - or need a moment to think about it - say so. Never pretend to know something or someone when you don't.
Don't rely on your application or resume to do the selling for you. Interviewers will want you to be convincing.
Don't make negative remarks about present or former employers. When explaining your reasons for leaving, communicate your reasons as they relate to you.
Don't over-answer questions.
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